Without a professional consultant by your side, guiding projects through the legal requirements for development can be overwhelming, costly and time-consuming. Evolve has proven success with projects of all scope in the private and public sector.

For Kylie, it is a privilege to work on high-profile, publicly visible projects that are often located in New Zealand’s most beautiful coastal and rural settings. For every proposal, her industry experience of 20-years’ comes into play, along with excellent working relationships with all stakeholders involved.

Evolve Planning Services Include:

Resource Consents – Subdivision

  • Feasibility study and pre-application meetings with Council

  • Site Analysis

  • Scheme Plan preparation

  • Preparing Subdivision Consent applications

  • Preparing Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE)

  • Expert witness at Council hearings and Environment Court mediation

  • Collaboration with other consultants and project management

Resource Consents – Land Use

Preparation of a range of land use consent applications such as:

  • Earthworks consents

  • Consents for building infringements e.g. height, impermeable surfaces etc.

  • Commercial use

Other Services:

  • Variations to existing Resource Consents

  • Private Plan Changes to District Plans

  • Policy Advice

  • Strategic and master planning

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